Dear Collaborators,

You make my world go round. You share. You reciprocate. You feed my soul. You set your ego aside in honor of greatness and common purpose.

It’s a delicate dance of give and take. Wait, it’s not delicate. But it does require the creation of a psychological safe zone where it’s OK to shoot holes in things.

Walking toward the light of becoming a better person. Destroying silos. Talking through ideas in such a way that the evolution of thought actually results in less clarity, of the original source, that is. A slow penetration of the minds; a melding; a synthesis; a unification.

A colleague of mine once had a poignant side-by-side comparison. Two back-to-back meetings on the same topic with two entirely different groups. On one side, the collaborators and supporters; those who asked insightful questions and empowered. On the other side, the too-busy. One meeting, energizing and productive. The other, draining.

What does it truly mean to share? Yourself? Your ideas? What is your natural tendency? To join forces with others or to build walls and keep the credit to yourself?

Real collaborators make you want to give more than receive. They inspire. Be a collaborator.