The Scoop

 Dot Connector, Innovation Catalyst + Synthesizer

A lengthy reading list and a taste for new experiences leads to a fascinating mental filing cabinet. Each article or experience gets tucked away and surfaces later in unexpected ways. Connections between disparate industries are made. Synthesis happens.


 Idea Generator

Journals ever growing. The ideas, a seemingly self-sustaining colony. Mere awareness of them leads to increasing numbers. You will never find me without a notebook. Visit bigcrazyvision where I’m exploring how we might create a human ripple effect of good through a brick and mortar experience. Or how I’m thinking about reinventing education at heretogethere.


 Facilitator, Trainer + Researcher

I have trained a number of individuals in the corporate IT, SaaS, setting after spending years in art, Spanish and adaptive sports classrooms. I bring an engaging and sustainable approach to facilitation. On the research front, my insatiable curiosity is fueled by finding answers to big questions. I know how to ask them to surface actionable insights.


 Problem Solver

Powered by continuous improvement, in self, processes, products and services, I have an innate sense for pain points and think in solutions. A variety of lenses collected through life experiences helps to resolve the biggest of strategic challenges.


 RightLeft Brain

A unique blend of multi-layered analysis and creative pursuits, I excel at discovering where improvements can be made. I boil the complicated down to digestible bits. Another corpus callosum, connecting hemispheres with complimentary and sometimes competing interests.